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Safient Contracts SDK

JavaScript SDK to manage and interact with the safe claims on Safient protocol.

Local installation

  git clone
cd safient-contract-js
npm install

Running Tests

Create a .env file in the root directory with INFURA_API_KEY for mainnet or testnet deployment.

Testing the contracts

  npm run test-contract

Testing the JS SDK

Run a local blockchain

  npm run chain

Deploy the contract, run the test on a different terminal

  npm run deploy-sdk
npm run test-sdk

Testing the contract & SDK

  npm run deploy-sdk
npm run tests

Getting started

  npm i @safient/contracts


// If not injected web3 provider, create a jsonRpcProvider
const { JsonRpcProvider } = require('@ethersproject/providers');
const provider = new JsonRpcProvider('http://localhost:8545');

// Get signer and chainId from provider
(async () => {
const signer = await provider.getSigner();
const providerNetwork = await provider.getNetwork();
const chainId = providerNetwork.chainId;


import { SafientMain, Arbitrator, Types } from '@safient/contracts';

const safientMain = new SafientMain(signer, chainId);
const arbitrator = new Arbitrator(signer, chainId);